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Dead in Venice

Crime writer Bella has it all; a successful career, an army of devoted readers - and a bad case of writer's block. She travels to Venice for inspiration and finds herself investigating a series of gruesome murders with a hunky Interpol agent.
But Bella will discover that not everything in Venice is as it seems...

Murder At The Grotto

A Christmas Comedy Crime Cracker! Download this Festive Freebie to follow the further adventures of crime writer Bella.
All Bella wants to do is finish her Christmas shopping in peace. But what's that under the Christmas tree...?

Dead in Venice

Listen to the adventures of Bella Tyson, award winning (but currently blocked) crime writer, as she balances murder, mystery, love and ghost stories, all the while managing to consume as much cafe latte, pasta and gelato as possible.
Narrated by the brilliant
Deryn Edwards.

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Falling in Louvre

Two star crossed museum workers steal the world's most famous painting in a bid to fund their elopement. 

But when guilty conscience forces them to return it, they find that's easier said than done...

Lost in Berlin

Frustrated and ambitious MI6 agent Annie travels to Berlin to set up a heroin deal with terrorist-funding drug traffickers. But her loyalty to Queen and country is tested by her attraction to charismatic German drug dealer Thomas.

Murder Ahoy!

Bella Tyson is invited to help host a Murder Mystery holiday on a very fancy cruise ship. She's dismayed to discover that her ex-husband and her arch rival are sharing the hosting duties, but resolves to make the best of it. Until real-life, real-dead bodies begin to pile up and Bella finds herself in deep water...