And then out of the blue...

February 1, 2016

…something happens to make you keep going! Like making it into the final selection of Twisted 50!

For those of you writer types not in the know (why not? get in the know NOW!), Twisted 50 is an initiative run by the Create 50 community (find out more HERE) to discover 50 of the most gruesome and, well, twisted dark tales out there and imprison the little blighters in a stupendously wonderful book. This follows on from their debut project, 50 Kisses – a collection of 50 short screenplays, then made into a feature film.

But this isn’t just a writing competition – it’s much more than that. Create 50 is a community of writers, some just starting out, others already very experienced. When you enter a Create 50 competition, other writers can read and comment on your work, which is so valuable; you might not always like (or agree) with their feedback, but it’s always useful to have someone other than your mum reading your work. You also get the chance to submit re-drafts of your story based on that feedback (or not, if you think your first draft is THE ONE).

So I’ve got through to the final 250 odd. Hang on, Fi, I thought you said it was Twisted 50, not Twisted 250?! Well yes, but the organisers underestimated the sheer amount of brilliant literary talent out there just waiting to be discovered, and had a hard time whittling it down. So first the top 250, then, in a few weeks, the best, nastiest, darkest, sickest, most twisted 50…

Ok, so you’ve missed out on this one, but there was such a wealth of horrifyingly sick minds out there that the organisers are already talking about Twisted 50 #2: Son of Twisted 50! They’re also currently judging screenplays for another project, The Impact (50 short screenplays based on the final hours of Mankind), which is going to be very exciting.

So check out Create 50 and tell ’em I sent you.



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