The 7 Stages of a Long Car Journey

December 30, 2016

No writing done this week as I'm away from home. So instead I'll share with you my observations on the 7 stages of a long car journey...


1. Hope! The departure. The sun is shining, the sky is blue and the hedgerows are touched with frost. Bring it on!
2. Cautious optimism. Nearly halfway there and it's only taken two hours!
3. That sinking feeling. Where has all this sudden traffic come from?!
4. Anger. Alright, you're taking the piss now.
5. Despair. If this takes much longer I'm finding the nearest Little Chef* and curling up in a corner to weep gently into a toasted tea cake.
6. Excitement (short lived). Yay! Exeter! Nearly there!...although the turning does seem to be much further on than I remember... and these winding country roads go on for ever...
7. Exhausted relief. Made it! Never doing that journey again. Except in a couple of days of course when I drive home...


*note for all non-UK residents: Little Chef is a chain of ubiquitous, overpriced and underwhelming roadside eateries, not a diminutively sized member of the catering profession.




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