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September 8, 2018

Day 2 of 5 – I’m sharing with you 5 mysterious and spooky Venetian legends in honour of the upcoming release of ‘Dead in Venice’. Welcome to…


Casino Degli Spiriti – the House of Souls




Don’t let the elegance of this beautiful old palazzo fool you; locals will tell you that the very stones of the building have soaked up years of evil. But that’s probably because they know you’re a tourist and are a bit gullible. There are stories about the secretive religious sects who came here to invoke spirits and demons, using them to do nefarious deeds, probably whilst dancing around a fire without their drawers on (any excuse). But the most famous story is the sad tale of 16th century painter Pietro Luzzo. Luzzo was obsessed with Cecilia, the lover of celebrated painter Giorgione. But his love was unrequited, and Luzzo could not bear to see her with another man. These days that’d be the plot of a Richard Curtis romcom, but this was many centuries before ‘Four Weddings’, so poor Luzzo had no other option but than to commit suicide in the house. His ghost has never left and still wanders through the palace, crying for his would-be love.


But the house was to claim another soul; in the 1950s a young woman was killed there, cut into pieces and thrown into the lagoon. To this day the city’s fishermen daren’t drop their lines there in case they disturb the unfortunate woman’s spirit. This is also why nobody in Venice eats fish fingers – just in case…


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