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September 9, 2018

Day 3 of 5 – we’re getting closer to publication day! Do us a favour and pop over to Audible, set up your free trial and get ‘Dead in Venice’ on your wish list, so it’s ready for you to download FOR NOWT OF YOUR ENGLISH POUNDS on the 11th. You know it makes sense. And you know that it’s a fair deal, because this is what happens in Venice to people who try to rip you off…


Palazzo Mastelli and the Pillars of Stone




Never try and pull a fast one on an old lady. That’s a pretty decent motto to live by whatever part of the world you live in, but in Venice it’s more than that: it’s self-preservation.


What a shame that three rich merchants, Rioba, Afani and Sandi, hadn’t heard that motto in c1100 AD. Fabric merchants, they called at the Palazzo Mastelli to sell the owner material. Seeing that the owner was an elderly lady, who they assumed was of bad eyesight and feeble wits, they put aside their best fabric and instead tried to flog her some dodgy old tat at an inflated price. Unfortunately for them, the old lady had the eyesight of a hawk and a mind like a steel trap, and she saw through their not-so-cunning plan straight away. She cursed them and the three men turned to stone. You can still see the stone pillars who used to be Rioba, Afani and Sandi today, behind the palazzo. That’s what you get for being an ancient Venetian Del Boy. What a bunch of plonkers!


 Click on the picture to learn more about the Audible free trial and buy 'Dead in Venice'!


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